Hope Dealers: A Breath of Fresh Air

Hope is a team sport.

Hope Dealers: Drop the Anchor

A hopeless world needs a hope-filled Church

Peacemakers: The Path of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is the choice to let go of resentment and give up the need for repayment.

Peacemaking: As Long As It Depends On You

Do we want to be right? Or do we want to be at peace?

Grace That Trasforms Us

The Banquet Table

None of us are invited because we are worthy, we are invited because the Master is so generous.

Misfits & Underdogs: Even if He Doesn't

Misfits and Underdogs: The Midwives

Each of us gets an opportunity to strengthen or weaken the next generation.

Misfits and Underdogs: David (Part 2)

How did God prepare David to fight giants?

Misfits and Underdogs: David (part 1)

July 2 - All Family Worship + Testimonies

A morning of song and stories.

Misfits and Underdogs: A Misfit Mom

The way to significance is through submission.

Misfits and Underdogs: Outnumbered

Misfits and Underdogs: Ordinary Disciples

Jesus sees the potential that others miss

Why Does God Allow Life to be so Hard?

The process brings the promise.

Stranger Things: A Talking Donkey

God can use anyone or anything to accomplish His will.

Stranger Things: Seance with Samuel

Stranger Things: Does It Float?

God cares about the small things.

Stranger Things: Baldy and the Bears

Stranger Things: What Did that Tree do Wrong?

Why did Jesus curse the fig tree? Was He just hangry?

Stranger Things: WWE God

Have you ever wrestled with God?

Stranger Things: Walking Dead

What do we do when the bible gets weird?

Easter 2023

Looking for the living among the dead

How-To Neighbor: Share Your Story

"My God did not fail, that's the story I'll tell."

How to Neighbor: One Anothering

You can't one another, one another, if you're never the other.

How To Neighbor: Cross the Road

You understand correctly. Now, go and do!

How To Neighbor: Embrace Your Place

Where has God put you? Who has He put in your life?

Skeptical: What About Suffering?

Suffering exists because love is more important to God than control.

Skeptical: What About Other Religions?

The Way isn't a religion, it's a Person.

Skeptical: What About Science?

Are Christianity and science compatible?

Skeptical: What About the Bible?

How can we trust that the Bible is truly God's Word?

Skeptical: Help My Unbelief

Jesus wants to meet with us in our doubts. Are we willing to meet with Him?

Guardrails: Heart Attack

Guardrails: The Big Crash

How do we prevent ourselves from crashing if our money does?

Guardrails: Body Damage

How do we setup safe guardrails to help us honor God with our bodies?

Guardrails: Proximity

Sometimes the people we've met are connected to our biggest regrets.

Guardrails: Staying On The Road

The point of a guardrail is to minimize damage by preventing someone from straying into danger.

Christmas Eve | Adore: Bend Our Knees

"On coming to the house, they saw the child with his mother, Mary, and they bowed down and worshiped him."

Adore: Walk in Obedience

Most of the time our problem isn't knowing what to do, it's doing the things we already know. Where do you need to obey God today?

Adore: Bring Your Gifts

Why would we give God our time, talents, and treasures? Because love gives.

Adore: Lift Your Hands

A lifted hand is an expression of a touched heart.

All Worship Sunday & Advent week 1

Elements: Self Control

Where do you need to fortify the walls? (Proverbs 25:28)

Elements: Gentleness

Gentleness requires us to stop, get curious, be present, and make an invitation.

Elements: Faithfulness

Faithfulness lives where love is greater than our instincts.

Elements: Goodness

In God's Kingdom, goodness is more highly valued than greatness.

Elements: Kindness

Kindness is how love behaves

Elements: Patience

Elements: Peace

We have peace in God's presence. What does that look like?

Elements: Joy

Joy isn't a feeling connected to circumstance, it's a choice grounded in faith.

Elements: Love

Fruits aren't created, they're cultivated.

Come and See (Part 2)

If people don't like what they see in us, they won't come and see with us.

Come and See (Part 1)

Experience...when an explanation just won't do.

Summer Road Trip: Acts 20

Come along for the last leg of our summer road trip as Pastor Mike closes out Paul's journeys in the book of Acts.

Summer Road Trip: Acts 19:23-41

Sonday in the Park 2022 Highlight

Summer Road Trip: Acts 19:11-22

Do you have first-hand faith? Is Jesus your consultant, genie, or Lord?

SonDay in the Park 2022

Summer Road Trip: Acts 18-19

Follow along as Pastor Betsy takes the wheel on our Summer Road Trip looking at Paul's journey to Ephesus.

Summer Road Trip: Acts 18:1-24

Summer Road Trip: Acts 17:16-34

"How someone responds to Jesus is more about their openness than our eloquence."

Summer Road Trip: Acts 17:1-15

Follow along as we journey through the book of Acts!

Summer Road Trip: Acts 16:16-40

Summer Road Trip: Acts 16:1-15

"Every right comes with responsibility."

Summer Road Trip: Acts 15

This week Pastor Mike shares about Paul's return to Jerusalem and asks the big question: "Is there anything I'm doing, intentionally or unintentionally, that's making it harder for people to turn to God?"

Summer Road Trip: Acts 14:1-20

This week Pastor Kurt takes us on a journey to Iconium with Paul and Barnabas in Acts 14:1-20.

Summer Road Trip: Acts 13:13-52

This week we journey along with Paul to Pisidian Antioch.

Summer Road Trip: Acts 13:1-12

We're kicking off a new sermon series, journeying along with the Apostle Paul on his missionary travels. We start off in Acts 13:1-12.

Making Change: Tomorrow Matters

Why should we invest in the future? Tune in as Pastor Mike closes out the Making Change series on finances.

Jesus After Easter

What did Jesus do for the forty days between His resurrection and His ascension? Pastor Kurt unpacks what the Bible says and why it's important for us today.

Making Change: Giving is Good

Why is giving important? How would giving impact our personal finances? Find out this week as Pastor Mike addresses what the Bible says about giving.

Making Change: Stress is Bad

When we lack self-control, we give up control to someone or something else.

Making Change: Less is More

People who are rich are not those who have more, but those who need less.


What does it look like to imitate Jesus's daily and weekly habits? Pastor Betsy unpacks what it looks like to evaluate our "auto-pilot" tendencies and develop healthy rhythms.

Easter 2022

Because of Jesus, the pressure is off! Find out what that means for you.

How to Live Through a Bad Day: Let It Go

In his final message of the series "How to Live Through a Bad Day", Pastor Mike looks at Jesus's last statement on the cross - "Father, into Your hands I commit my spirit." Join us as we worship and dig into the Word together, exploring how to surrender our bad days to God.

How to Live Through a Bad Day: Finish It

We are continuing our series on the seven statements of Jesus on the cross, looking at "It is finished." What can we learn about living through our bad days from looking at Jesus's on his worst day?

How to Live Through a Bad Day: Be Human

How to Live Through a Bad Day: Ask God

Matthew 27:45-46

How to Live Through a Bad Day: Serve Others

Luke 23:39-43, John 19:25-27

How to Live Through A Bad Day: Forgive Them

Luke 23:34

Out of the Cave: How Do I Get Out?

Last week we began our mini-series on depression, "Out of the Cave," and we talked about how we get into the cave. Today in the final message, Pastor Mike addresses how we get out of the cave and what we need to do to move toward emotional health and healing.

Out of the Cave: How Did I Get Here?

Even great men and women of faith can get depressed. But if you don't know how you get there, you won't know how to get out.

Holding the Rope

Some friends cared enough about their hurting friend to do whatever it took to get him to Jesus. Who is holding your rope? Who's rope are you holding?

From Surviving to Thriving

The remnant of Israel had survived the exile. But that was only scratching the surface of God's vision for them.

XXI: Celebration Sunday

Tune in to hear testimonies about how God has been moving in during our twenty-one days of prayer and fasting.

XXI: The Middle Voice

We often struggle to understand the relationship between action and prayer. Tune in as Pastor Mike explains three ways we can approach it and the results of each. It's week three of XXI Days.

XXI: The Praying Life of Paul

How can the prayers of Paul in the Bible encourage us to move into deeper levels of prayer? Follow along with week two of our 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting series.

XXI: The Praying Life

Pastor Mike kicks off a new series for our 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting with a message on the importance of a life centered around prayer.

Christmas Eve 2021

Otherworldly Love

A message from District Superintendent Wes Smith

The Creed: Life Everlasting

Worship from home the day after Christmas, as we discuss the final line in the Apostle's Creed.

The Creed: Forgiveness of Sins

Today Pastor Betsy is sharing our next message in The Creed series on Forgiveness of sins. We also have a special treat as the kids perform their Christmas song!

The Creed: The Church

What does it mean to say "we believe in the Holy Catholic Church" and why is it important?

The Creed: The Holy Spirit

Why do we sometimes overlook the Holy Spirit? How will your life change if you ask the Holy Spirit to fill you and to lead you?

The Creed: To Judge the Living and the Dead

Can it be good news that Jesus is the Judge?

The Creed: Resurrection

On the third day, Jesus rose again! How should the Resurrection of Christ change our lives?

The Creed: Crucified, Died, and Buried

Jesus really died, and he did so willingly. Pastor Mike unpacks why it matters.

The Creed: The Virgin Birth

The Bible says that Jesus was born of a virgin. How is this even possible? And why is it so important?

The Creed: Jesus Christ, Son and Lord

Who is Jesus? What does the Bible and history say about Him?

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